Warrant Canary

Warrant Cannary

Our warrant cannary gets updated annually starting in 2021.

2021: Myrcy C

Where do we host our servers?

All of our servers are hosted at 1984Hosting, ExoScale, GNUTransfer, or a server operated personally by us.
We keep a backup-only server in Amsterdam.

What OSes do we use?

We currently try our best to run soley on fully free/libre OSes and hardware.

The current cost for us to do this would be roughly 250EUR per month and is our current fundraising goal.

In the mean time we choose what we believe to be the safest operating systems for our use cases.

  • All of our servers run either Dragora, Hyperbola, Trisquel, or GuixSD depending on what applications they need.*
  • 1984Hosting manages most static web content like EPuters.net and email.
  • We run a LibertyBSD server to store data automated backups*

We are actively working to eventually reach the goal of having all of our servers run 100% free/libre software but, we need your help!

Please donate today to help us reach our fundraising goal.

*we have since shutdown our LibertyBSD server and are working on switching it to Hyperbola.

*since Hyperbola has officially dropped support for NodeJS we have switched our PeerTube.io instance to GNUTransfer on Trisquel.