Our Social Contract

Inspired by Debian, Parabola, Hyperbola, and the main others.
EPuters has decided to write and state our social contract to users.

  • The EPuters Project is free/libre software:
    With everything we do, we must always utilize 100% free/libre software whenever possible.*
  • We Won’t Hide Problems:
    Every piece of code utilized by us is published with issue trackers. If there is an issue with something, the issue will be released to the public.*
  • Give back to the Free Software Community:
    EPuters will work to merge bug fixes upstream and help the longetivity of not only its own systems but everyone in the free/libre community.

* Due to cost barriers the EPuters servers run on virtual machines hosted on non-free machines.
We plan to update this segment once we are able to host our projects using only free software.

* Security issues will be published once the EPuters team is able to properly patch software.