The purpose of this page is to list projects we are working on, eventually they all should be up and running but in the mean time stay tuned! :P

Our Projects

  1. | English centric PeerTube instance.
  2. | Support and discussion on free software and governance.
  3. Cutsey Boot | Skulls/CoreBoot fork with much nicer artwork.
  4. | Generalized Lemmy Instance.*
  5. | A website dedicated to recommending Ethical Libre/Free Software.

Other Suported Projects

  1. | Generalized Lemmy Instance.*
  2. EPuters Search | An instance of the now mostly-defunt (maybe?) Jive Search.*
  3. Dragora GNU/Linux | Dragora is a operating system trying to keep things simple.

* The EPuters team is working to fork and remove the JiveSearch trademark over potential trademarking issues. This service will be offline
* LemmyNet Instance deployment is paused while we review the stability of current releases and review the current moderation toolkit.